About Us

We’re SD Groups We were founded by Donald.F.Nirmanik, our current CEO. We’re a Bangalore-based design company that covers the entire gamut of designing and building: Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction, Product Design and Manufacturing.

We’re defined by our unflinching quality, integrity and a highly evolved SD Groupstic sensibility.

Creating and developing eloquent interfaces between home office building surroundings and people in a well-organized fashion helps SD Group offer environment friendly, modern and contemporary designs for independent bungalows, residential complexes, commercial buildings and retail spaces. By giving attention to creation of such meaningful interfaces at home office surroundings with a qualitative approach builds up positive forces. Positive forces in terms of form, function, climate control, vastu, landscapes. This builds and extends peace of mind to you and your family. With continuous efforts to reinvent the architectural and interior design philosophy, this Mysore Architects and Interior Designer firm gets a better understanding of human needs.

SD Group is experienced in designing Individual residences, Development of housing layouts, Prefabricated steel house and buildings, Low-rise apartment complexes, Home designing, Office designing, Building designs, Interior decorating, Home, Officve & commerical plans, Apartment designs, Landscaping etc...

SD Group provides comprehensive architectural design services from Mysore to enable clients to take full advantage of our modern architecture design abilities all under one roof. Each and every architectural design is conceived and developed with 3D imaging to fully realize the inherent design potential in a building. This also allows us to develop the lighting concept which helps in improving the building aesthetics. Materials play an important part & the correct selection goes in achieving the modern design intent.  Due importance is given to both functionality and the building form to achieve the much needed harmony between people and the environment.


We offer professional architectural design services in Mysore and also other cities to meet the construction related demands of our clients for the home, office, commercial and retail segments. Our modern architectural design services are offered as per the latest trends and with assurance of best space management and positive energy.

The following activities are a part of our architectural design services:

  • Site analysis
  • Structural feasibility study
  • Preliminary drawings to enable clients to understand their buildings
  • 3-dimensional imaging
  • Detailed drawings to enable construction
  • Post construction - development of internal spaces and interior designs