Ancillary Services

Other ancillary services are provided to complement the architectural design process.  Our external consultants are proficient in their respective fields & we offer their services through us.  This eliminates the problem of individually hiring various agencies & then co-ordinate their work. Our ancillary services include the following:-

  • Structural design
  • HVAC design
  • Plumbing & Electrical design
  • Specialized fields such as waste water treatment, sewage treatment, and alternate energy sources.
  • BIM – Building Information Modeling to attain LEDS energy ratings for your building.
  • Aluminum fabrication ACP.


We are instrumental in offering our clients with ancillary services for our interior and architectural design. Our ancillary services include the development of structural design, HVAC design and plumbing & electrical design with complete detailing. These services are executed by our experts in the field.