Fiberglass Structures

Our fiberglass structures are long lasting and it is maintenance free . We can give any finish - wood, stone and even the colour can be decided - for instance in wood finish, we can give teak , rosewood , burnt wood look et al .The construction is metal - the frame work and the frp is cladded over the metal frames , so we are talking a very solid structure.

Our FRP Planters are waterproof, non porous, damp-proof, easy to clean suitable for use in outdoor and public places and are available in different colours / textures to suit your projects We can even customize the planters as per your designs.

GRC(Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete):
GRC is a cement-based composite, reinforced with glass fiber. Fibers are usually used in concrete to control plastic shrinkage cracking. They also lower the permeability of concrete and thus reduce bleeding of water. The fibers cannot rust like steel, there is no need for a protective concrete cover thickness to prevent rusting. Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete is similar to concrete in its characteristics, but it is 80% lighter. GRC can be used wherever a light, strong, weather resistant, attractive and fire retardant material is required.

Fiber Importance in GRC
Making GRC isn’t as simple as just adding some fibers to your concrete mix design. There are many important considerations to remember.

Amount of Fiber Present
The more fiber present the stronger the GRC.

Orientation of Fibers
By placing the concrete in thin sections, the act of spreading the concrete out into thin layers orients the fibers in a more 2D format. Even though this requires more work, it results in a stronger piece of concrete.

Method of Reinforcement Used
There are three different levels of reinforcement used in general concrete and GRC

  • Random 3-D Reinforcing
  • Random 2-D Reinforcing
  • 1-D Reinforcing

Benefits of GRC

  • Highly durable and safe
  • Design freedom since GRC is able to be molded into almost any shape and color
  • Requires very low maintenance
  • Installation is quick and cost effective
  • Weather and fire resistant
  • Economical & Energy efficient.

SMART ROOF supports Green Buildings. Besides its diverse applications in covering Patios, Balconies, Porticos, Swimming Pool / Decks,Terrace garden, Atrium and Rooftop entertaining areas, Smartroof is an excellent option for Courtyards.You are aware, when any open space is covered with Fiberglass /polycarbonate sheet or with toughened glass, the solar heat is trapped inside and the space underneath becomes a virtual hot chamber.Moreover the humidity makes the living conditions worse. On the other hand, in case of SMARTROOF, with the simple flip of a switch or remote,you can move aluminium louvers around its axis 0-180°, allowing you to exercise total control over how much sunshine or shade you need at any time depending upon the weather or climatic conditions. Furthermore, with Smartroof, you can access cool fresh air in abundance all the time and conserve energy as well.

For the Bar-be -Que areas, slight opening of louvers act as highly effective events. Smartroof is precision engineered and elegantly crafted with Australian collaboration. The system comprise of uniquely designed louvers that completely overlap when closed, thus providing protection against rain.